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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blogger's block

What can I tell you, I’m suffering from a severe case of blogger’s block. It is just like writer’s block, only that it happens in public and when the only deadlines are your own.

The funny thing is that this is happening when I have all the time in the world. I’m home recuperating from back surgery. I have next to nothing to do and yet I can’t bring myself to publishing a cohesive blog. It’s not for a lack of ideas or pictures; it’s a lack of will. I always thought publishing a personal blog like this was nothing but a symptom of terminal boredom, but I’m not bored, or busy, or lonely, or disabled, or unsocial, or depressed …well, maybe just a little and a bit achy from the surgery. All I know is that I am suffering from a severe case of mental constipation. Maybe it’s all the medications I’m taking. What do you think?

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David A. Cutié said...

What are you talking about? As far as I can tell, you just blogged about your condition. It's obvious to this reader that you're concerned with your surgery and that has taken precedence over usual blogging activities.

You're excused this time; but don't push it too far.