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Friday, September 01, 2006

An Old Dog Discovers New Tricks

Perhaps it is true that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, but our 12 year old dog - Apples - "learned" on her own how to open our refrigerator and eat all the cheese, meat, yogurt, apple sauce, and anything she could smash or tear open. She never touched the salad. She learned this trick while we were all out of the house for the evening. The first few times this happened we unfairly attributed it to our typically distracted teenage son leaving the fridge open. It took a while for the reality to sink in – Apples had learned how to open the refrigerator. In time we found a way of locking it, but not before she ate us out of several meals.

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mj said...

Hi Oz,great site - writing from Canada - hope all is well. Did you write Old Dod Discovers New Tricks?

Ozzie said...

I wrote "Old Dog Discovers New Tricks" - except where noted, I write the comments and take all the pictures.

claudine said...

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Moobear said...

Sir, I love your blog, but I find white on black very, very hard to read. Much better should you reverse it. A lover of black-- tho not on blogs. Critique from the heart Sir.

God Bless!

Shakira said...

Thank you for directing Sesam Street!

Ozzie said...

Thank you Shakira, but I was one of several directors.

Jessica said...

that is too funny! unfortunately also messy and expensive...oh well=) said...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Rob! As you can see, I've returned the compliment. said...

Thank you for the return compliment!


Anonymous said...

as a person who shares her life with three dogs...I love this!

Ozzie Alfonso said...

Our dog, Apples, was put to sleep in August of 2010, she was 17. She had become deaf, then progressively senile, finally her hind legs gave out. It was sad to see her getting stuck in places she obviously could not fit through. Apples was a kind, gentle creature, and a great companion to the very end. We all still miss her. She was my first dog, and opened my eyes to what wonderful companions they all are.