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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Head in the Clouds

Remember the picture of the Ceiba tree in my hometown at the very bottom of the home page? Well this is, and has been, my hometown since I was ten. My dusty little hometown was where I developed my fascination with flying for there was an Air Force base just outside town, and we all had ringside seats for the best formation flying in the world. When I was little, back in San Antonio de los BaƱos, people used to tease me by telling me in New York the buildings were so tall that if you just touched them they would collapse. I believed them until I was eleven when one day I walked past the Empire State Building, and when no one was looking, I gave it gentle shove. Today I fly my small plane around this remarkable island, but not on a day like this.

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Erica said...

Dear Ozzie,
You are a hard man to find. are you online. I worked with you on a project called "Pearson Worldview" and reminded you of Lisa Kudrow. How can we chat?

Ozzie Alfonso said...

Erica, it's been so long (10 years) since you left a message on my blog which i rarely visit that I've forgotten twice.
I'm doing well. I can be found in FaceBook although I'm taking a hiatus from social media for a few weeks.
Good to hear from you.