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Saturday, October 13, 2007


1. Adverb - confused, disorderly haste; 2. Adjective - carelessly hurried

Perhaps this conglomeration of shapes, colors, and sundry 21st Century artifacts, may not be a product of carelessness, or haste; but it is "helter-skelter". This is the intersection of 42nd Street and 8th Avenue in New York City, part of what has turned this part of town into "city as theme park". Oh yes, helter-skelter is also a noun - a popular British amusement ride described to some degree in Lennon & McCartney's song by the same name. As adverb, adjective, or even noun, the name applies to this mish-mash, with rhythm perhaps, but with little sense. Do you agree?

Photo taken September, 2007; Canon PowerShot SD600.


Nils said...

I like a lot that building! Thanks! great photo!

Ozzie Alfonso said...

De un cubano en Nueva York, a un EspaƱol en Dinamarca.

It is an "interesting" structure, and I can't say I hate it. It's the whole image that is chaotic to me. Much like a loud electric guitar riff.

Anonymous said...

Great Photo Ozzie. I love the chaos of the photo, But I can say I hate the building in real life. Even Jimi Hendrix' riffs had a controlled chaos which made it great in the overall context of a song. I think this is just plain bad in the surrounding context of the city. But then again what do I know; I liked Times Square better when it was grittier.

Tony Breuer

Danny Dries said...

If you go to some natural spot, such as Joshua Tree, everything man has touched is incredible ugly. The beauty of places like Times Square or Las Vegas is too much information and can only be captured on film.

Nice photo.

Adam Klimowski said...

Good evening. I'm sorry for using this way of contact with you, but I don't know your e-mail.

On "Dreamscape" blogger ( you wrote: "A few details on "The Incredible Ride." It was written and directed by me - Ozzie Alfonso". I'm interested in one of this movie's song; it's called "Brush brush brush" and has very popular melody. Could you tell me what is this melody or tell me who can explain me this question? Use my e-mail ( to reply. Thank you in advance.

Ozzie Alfonso said...


You are in Poland? And you know about "Doctor Rabbit"? I find it very baffling that that character created almost 15 years ago has traveled so far, and doesn't seem to be slowing down.

All the music is original - the lyrics are by Tish Rabe, and I'm sorry I can't remember the composer's name (but I will look it up). The animator was Walbercy Camargo in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Thanks for dropping by!