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Friday, May 23, 2008

Gaudí's Vision

If Antoni Gaudí (1812-1926)- the Catalan architect with a unique vision, had lived into the new millennium, I can only fancy New York City would have some of his flavor.

I was at a friend’s office overlooking 5th Avenue in New York, when I noticed the reflections on the building across the street. I don’t think my friend saw what I was seeing – Gaudí’s New York in all its bizarre splendor. I went to my friend’s office to talk finances, but all I could see was a post-Franco Barcelona. My mind wondered while we talked of a retirement plan.

For more on Gaudí, visit many of the sites devoted to his work. You might begin here:

Shot with a Canon SD600 on May 22, 2008


Stephen Newton said...

I like your images and your thoughts, Ozzie. I'll be back for another visit soon.

Ozzie Alfonso said...

Thank you Stephen. I just browsed through your blog and it seems we perceive the world from similar angles.

Spread the word, I could use more encouragement.